Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 2.0

Bar/Bat Mitzvahs are intended to signify a child’s understanding of the Tora and is a rite of passage into adulthood.  However, among some in the Jewish community, men and women who have reached the ripe old age of 83 may customarily celebrate a second bar mitzvah!  The Torah dictates that a “normal” lifespan is 70 years, so an 83-year-old can essentially be considered 13 in a second lifetime.

Read a related article in the Suffolk Times about a Suffolk man who celebrates his second life here

At 83 it can be assumed that these men and women are already well established within their communities.  A second mitzvah is more a way of formalizing and celebrating their first life and the contributions they’ve made.

A second bar/bat mitzvah is proof that it’s never too late to be a kid again… Mazel!

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