Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Mitzvah Planner

Why Hire an Event Planner?

Think hiring an event planner for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah is an unnecessary expense?  Here are 5 Reasons to reconsider!  A Bar/Bat Mitzvah has as many moving parts (sometimes even more) than a wedding – regardless of the guest count.  It takes as much work, timing and skill to plan a small family celebration as it does a large-scale gala.

1. Expertise —

Mitzvah planners are a huge creative resource. We listen to client visions and dreams for their simchaand, and bring creativity to the process ensuring dreams are turned into a reality.

Mitzvah planners study the trends and traditions.  We are experts in dietary laws, ceremony timing, ritual objects, protocol, etiquette and have the ability to produce an event of such magnitude.

When you book a venue they provide a “coordinator” to help coordinate the party. This person is NOT the same as an independent planner. He or she is the venue’s catering manager and his/her job is to make sure that everything having to do with the facility runs smoothly. While they are helpful, they do not cover the scope of what an independent planner does.

2. Budget —

Event planners have experience and know what things should cost and the difference in value. We help you put pieces of the puzzle together regarding vision, event industry price tags and balance your budget around YOUR priorities.

Planners are frequently eligible for preferred vendor discounts and are knowledgeable about negotiating on your behalf.  It is not unusual for a planner to actually save you money and thereby pay for his/her services.

3. Vendor Relationships —

The weekend involves vendors who need to work together as a team to ensure everything runs smoothly. A planner understands how each vendor relies on the others.  We orchestrate the complexities of vendors and timeline with all the moving parts.

In addition to possessing a wealth of knowledge, planners have been in the industry long enough to know who the players are — which vendors can be trusted and who has the best business practices. A referral from someone who has roots in the industry is GOLD when you’re having to place such a high level of trust in people with whom you’ve never worked.

4. Fun —

When you plan without a professional, often by the time the simcha comes around, the process has been so stressful you just can’t wait for it to be over. Planning the Mitzvah should be an enjoyable process.  We ensure that your planning is as stress free as the big day!

A good planner serves as a buffer in tricky relational situations. Society knows it is impossible to make everyone happy, much less when planning an event. A planner is a safe neutral person to point to for direction. It’s easier to tell a grandparent, “My planner thinks we need to….” instead of “I think we should….”

The most important reason to hire a simcha planner is to…

5. Minimize Your Stress —

The difference in the stress level of families who have a professional planner and those who don’t is extreme. When it comes to the weekend of the Mitzvah, the most important thing is that you are able to relax and enjoy the ceremony and other events. You don’t want to end up being the point person for issues and questions that will inevitably arise. Hiring a planner frees you and everyone you love to live in the moment.  Call us today, your guests will thank you for it!

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